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So, what's the right name - Bidet, Baday, Baday Toilet? It is actually called Bidet toilet, but others pronounced this name like Baday or Baday toilet.

What is a Baday? Baday - is a low sink or small tub. This device equipped with a special system, giving a small water fountain from the sink, Objective of what - to substitute toilet paper. Baday is a common item of plumbing in the toilet or in the bathroom, along with the toilet. There are cold and hot water in Baday, the temperature of what regulates by mixing faucet. Baday is mount next to the toilet bowl. The reasons of it are clear and there is no necessity to explain it.

In spite of the apparent similarity to the toilet, Baday is more correct to compare with sink or bath. In addition to performing its main function, Badays are extremely convenient for washing of the feet. Baday in itself is excellent tub for the needs of the smallest members of the family. Those who have certain limit of physical activity, such as elderly, and people with trauma, have extraordinary difficulties in using the bathroom. All they can find in using a Baday an excellent solution for maintaining personal hygiene.

antique badayA little history: originally Baday is a French word for designation of pony or small horse. And in the Old French Baday meant "ride" (on a horse). Read more about Baday history here.

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