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So, what is a Baday? Baday - It is a low sink or small tub. And contrary to popular opinion in US, the purpose of Baday is extremely broad. Of course, if you do not forget about regular hygiene of the subject of personal hygiene itself. Again, despite the apparent similarity to the toilet, it’s more correctly to compare Baday with a sink or a bathtub.

The main purpose of Baday is washing and cleaning the external genitalia and anus, as purpose of Badaywell as the skin around these areas. Do not be surprised, but the rules of Baday allow using it for washing and other body parts. In particular, the Badays are extremely convenient for washing the feet, for example. Baday in itself is excellent tray for the needs of the youngest family members.

Those who have a certain limit of physical activity, for example, older people and people with trauma, have and extraordinary difficulties in using a bathroom. purpose of Baday A similar, but purely psychological problems have the people who pathologically afraid of slipping in the shower. All they can find to use a Baday as an excellent solution for maintaining personal hygiene.

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